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Destiny Riddlers

"Riddle me this.."

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    Anyone with an interest in riddling is welcome. 1) Be respectful of others in the group wall. (We'd love it if you respected others outside the wall as well, however.) 2) No LFG or Spam of any kind in the group wall, unless specified by an admin (There should be an LFG post of some sort in the private section of this group's forum. If not, it's coming soon.) 3) We are here for riddling, so try to keep the chat as focused as possible on riddling-related conversation. If the chat is dead, meaningless chatter is okay, just don't clutter the chat with non-riddling things if someone is seeking feedback or the like. 4) If you aren't sure that a riddle will be well-received or you think the riddle may be faulty for whatever reason, ask me (Cadence) or an admin to review it (we have a rep to uphold, can't be shoveling out faulty riddles). I promise we won't guess, and if someone does, I'll kick them myself.

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