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"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."

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    Welcome to the Official OverExposedGamer clan in Destiny. We are just getting used to Destiny as many of you are too. What makes us different from other clans is the constant and continued dedication we all have for the game. Since the release of the beta and the release of the full game we knew this was the game for us and have been living on nothing but Destiny. Join us and help us conquer the many worlds, and achieve the many goals that Destiny has to offer. ATTENTION: PLEASE AFTER REQUESTING TO JOIN CLICK THE BOX THAT SAYS "SET AS PLAYSTATION CLAN" OR "SET AS XBOX CLAN" WITHOUT CLICKING THIS YOU ARE NOT IN THE CLAN, YOU ARE ONLY A FOLLOWER OF THE GROUP AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE "OVEREXPOSEDGAMER" CLAN TAG UNDERNEATH YOUR NAME WHILE IN THE GAME. THANKS!!

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