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High Council of Heroes

"Fight without fear."

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    A face seen passing in a crowded street, a voice heard singing music, large and free; and from that moment life is changed, and we become more aware of what there is at stake. Heroes because of faith that lives on in the hearts of others, we dare to be not what nature intended us, but to carve our own path deep in the pages of history by serving those we love and cherish and forever be known as legend; as heroes. Brave with no fear or regret of taking on any challenge if faced in the means that which are noble and righteous. We know that what we long ago once achieved, broken, yet still the fire burns on, and it is much to have believed. Hope, which was thought to be forgotten rises as this council of unity and fellowship has risen from the ashes of calling for a hero. The hope lives on in us; in all of us, High Council of Heroes.

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