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[BUNGIE CONTACT REQUEST] I Purchased Destiny + Expansion Pass before 01/15/15 but didn't get my EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow

I purchased Destiny along with the Expansion Pass for my Xbox 360 on 01/12/2015. I have proof of purchase that I am only willing to send to a Bungie staff member. So basically I started playing right when it finished downloading, and I never got my special sparrow that was promised to me for purchasing the content before 01/15/2015. I know that I didn't complete the mission where you first unlock your regular sparrow before the 15th of January (When the offer expired). That, I believe, is the source of the problem as to why my special sparrow didn't show up at the Postmaster or at Special Orders. What I would like is to hopefully get a reply from a Bungie Staff Member and send said person my proof of purchase that shows that I purchased the game and the expansion pass before the 15th of January, and then, hopefully, someone can help me get my special sparrow that I deserve. I am marking this post as a question post until I get this whole thing figured out.

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