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Editado por MongrelShadow14: 2/6/2015 11:34:26 AM

You're making this difficult.

Normally I'm not the type to just post a complaint thread. Usually I try to find the bright side of things. But after reading the weapon tuning blog I couldn't bring myself to be happy about any of it. AR's are being nerfed yet again, this is what the 5-6th time? Handcannons are being nerfed. Really? they already are balanced. and the accuracy penalty is going to smack the last word hard. Shotguns are getting yet another range nerf. coming from someone who uses a shotgun all the time in pvp the range was fine. It doesn't need to be reduced further. I could care less about the pulse rifle buff. The damage increase isn't going to make me choose one over the top tier weapons I already use. The shotgun damage bonus in pve is cool but in an optimal situation you are never close enough to use one because it's too risky in end game. I also laugh that they didn't even address how awful the necrochasm is. It's already difficult for me to enjoy the game as is. Xur continues to sell things I don't need. Nightfalls arne't even remotely useful to me most of the time. And I can't even raid. I'd like to say I won't buy any more content from this game. But I will in hopes that you guys finally do something good instead of destroying the few decent things. EDIT: Just in case we get some defenders of the patch here is some things for you guys to understand. ~The AR nerf. With this dlc we got a TON of high RoF and low impact AR's. This nerf ruins their already low damage per shot and make it even harder to effective at range. The necrochasm which has THE lowest impact will now be even less worth it. The only weapons this is aimed at is pre dlc autos like shadow price and the suros. These changes are a net loss for auto's. ~Shotgun range nerf. You already need to almost hug someone for a one shot on most pump actions. This will also hurt the 4th horseman which has awful range and invective which honestly needs the range. The buff to damage in pve won't change anything. Snipers are just more effective. Net loss. ~hand cannon nerf. This hurts TLW. It's already not useful enough in pve. It's designed to be a fast firing accurate machine. this is going to hurt it in 2 areas possibly ruining it in pvp. If the nerf was to make it so scouts were more used at range then how about they stop making fast firing scouts and give them more impact? For Bungie being a triple A studio they sure don't get basic design. If your other weapons are not as good you buff those weapons. Nerfing hurts long term for 90% of the cases. Nerfing is only needed in something when it's clearly the best option. I'll never understand why making something worse is a better way to address something then making other things better. EDIT 2: Also the charts don't prove what Bungie is trying to prove. It only shows favoritism. And favoritism doesn't prove a balance issue. Meaning just because people enjoy something doesn't mean it's OP. But Bungie is responding to it like that's true. Pulse rifles are not used as often compared to auto's because auto's are easy. And shotguns are less useful in pve because pve is designed this way. It's better to have range damage. Getting in melee range is never a good situation in end game. Bungie is trying to make all weapons useful in every game mode. It's a nice idea on paper. But if they really want that to happen they need to change other elements. not directly mess with the weapons.

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