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8/31/2014 5:56:00 PM

How Health, Shields, Armor, and Agility work.

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could explain how the health system works in Destiny. My understanding is that the red, leftmost segment of the health bar represents your health/armor, and is affected by your Armor stat. The segments to the right represent your shields, and those are the same for everyone. A person playing as a Titan may be able to spec more heavily into Armor than, say, a Warlock, and will have more health, but both will have equivalent shields. Right? Next, Recovery. This only increases the speed at which your shields (the right segments of the health bar) regenerate, and NOT how soon they BEGIN to recharge. So a Warlock may be able to spec more heavily into Recovery than, say, a Hunter, and will recover their shields in less time, but both will have to wait equally long for their shields to begin charging. Right? Lastly, what does Agility affect? Movement speed and jump height, correct? Anything else? Sliding distance, weapon readying speed perhaps? Thanks for any clarification, and what do you guys think is the most crucial stat to improve. I gotta go with Armor, personally.

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