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I caught my friend doing stuff.

[quote]This happened about five years ago. Summer. A bunch of my friends and I met up in early hours of the day. We were all going to head to a nearby lake because the weather was just right for swimming. We all agree that we should go there now, but there is a problem. One of our friends is missing. Everyone took turn ringing his phone (cheeky skroob might only pick up if certain people called him). He doesn't respond. We tried facebook and - nothing. I, along with two other people volunteered to go to his place and find out what's up. Thankfully he lived nearby. So we part with the rest of the group and after about 3 minutes get to his apartment. There are faint sounds of a vacuum cleaner emanating from somewhere within the apartment. We ring the doorbell and his mother opens the door. We ask about our friend and she tells us that he is cleaning his room. She also invites us in and tells us that we can proceed to his room. We come in, go through the hall and approach his room. We open the door - everybody walk the dinosaur. [b]Alternative ending:[/b] [spoiler]We open the door - and there he is[/spoiler] [spoiler]with his junk in the vacuum tube[/spoiler] [/quote] true story. One of the people that came along with us was a girl too. how embarrassed would you be? What would your explanation be?

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