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1/23/2015 5:24:02 AM

If Xur Sells...

MORE EXOTICS! RNGesus forbid that from happening! This game will be broke if Xur sells another elite Exotic. I will seriously quit. Or ya know what? Maybe I'll just keep coming back to the forms to explain with perfect validity that I [b]EARNED[/b] my Exotics and all you Christmas noobs, or rather, anyone who thinks that buying anything from xur is EARNING it, had it [b]GIVEN[/b] to you by Bungie. Go ahead, ask me, guarantee I can prove to you that I [b]EARNED[/b] all my exotics. That's right I'm calling everyone out in this post, all you people who think that saving up strange coins and buying an exotic is [i]"earning it"[/i] you're all a bunch of vane idiot if you honestly believe that. LOLS get good losers. As if icebreaker wasn't bad enough... don't even get me started on G-horn, I had to grind for hours to [b]EARN[/b] that elusive exotic.

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