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Hablemos de Destiny.
1/23/2015 12:13:20 PM

Xur, Raid, and PVP

Is this what Destiny is down to? I am beginging to think so. Forums are nothing but rage, egomaniacs, and OP post now with a few AMA's and valid post. Most of the valid ones are then swamped by Xmas Noob comments ( games not that old yet for people to run around using nicknames yet..) or get sunk to some bottom page because of .. well all of the above. I know it's not the majority of the player base though. I know plenty of folks that won't even touch the forums now because of all the toxic post and replies. Now that being said.. They grow tired of the bugs, the constant kicks to orbit, the lack of new ORIGINAL content. This might be fine for the Halo CoD crowd sure. Like the ones that can't grasp teh collecting exotics or why someone one actually stops and kills things in a strike. They grow tired of reading absolutely meaningless updates. Again, all geared to Raid and PVP crowds. After reading and watching all I see is Bungie playing to the crowd of FPS. Not a MMO FPS. Just FPS. There is no real content as promised. There is no unique look to guardians. There are no real unique quest to do or story lines. It's just a standard FPS with some people added to it. Still jsut a 3 man teem. Like BL2, BL1, pretty open ended in some ways, it is not. I've noticed the COD players call it boring (content) The sad part. I have 2 friends who just stopped playing. They have friends that stopped playing. They are the silent ones that don't come here and tell you they quit. They just do. They are a large portion of Destiny. While the Fanboi's will sit here and say good riddence blah blah blah. Good for the Fanboi's soon they will be surrounded with nothing but Fanboi followers. All of them can go to the tower and sit around and brag about what they earned or who is a real lvl what ever. Now being that it will be only Fanboi elites that remain Destiny I think is aware of that and is nurturing them so 2 months down the road they can say they still have a large fan base!!!! Make minor tweets about how they got this or that. Make half hearted updates that only Fanboi's will understand or want. At least that is what I am trying to think of as the reason for the extreamly odd things that Bungie has done over the last month or so. Cruddy updates, cruddy patches to fix the real issues with the game. Horrid DLC events. No PVE special events. (The DLC is not a event..) Completely focused on PVP (LIve event and Iron Banner) Completely focused on raid (Not everyone raids or can due to odd mechanics or time like EVERY OTHER "MMO") Worried that their "ace" Raid is getting cheesed and fix that instead of the long list of items that NEED fixing LEADING up to the raid. So if you don't raid or pvp you're screwed. Not the reason a lot of people got the game. Destiny is just a FPS with some boss fight at the end with a few other people shooting at it. Meh.. I'll still log on just can't figure out what is going on in these forums and at Bungie. I tried to look for post about the game. Not XUR, RAID, or Heh.. what did a Xmas Noob Say to you??? It's a new game you dolt.. get off the bandwagon.
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