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1/20/2015 7:10:23 AM

Alien Isolation: Worth the weight?

It was dark, quiet and frightening. The only audible thing that Ripley could make out was the intense pounding of her heart and her heavy breathing from the exercise. Separated from Taylor since boarding Sevastopol Station, Ripley had discovered that a hostile alien life form was stalking the space station. Having numerous close encounters with the alien as well as malfunctioned killer synthetic robots, she was almost dead from exhaustion as her hope of survival faded. Tired, sweaty and starving, Ripley was planning on stealing food from some lonesome survivor she happened to sneak up on. The only problem was he had been armed with a large pump shotgun and after eavesdropping on him talking to himself, Ripley concluded that he wasn't going to share any of his supplies with her in his makeshift fort of crates and blankets. Her stomach rumbled violently, which made her instinctively place her hands on her belly in order to muffle the noise. Her jumpsuit was put to the test as the corpulent woman had crawled, squeezed, jogged and hid during her time on Sevastopol. Torn from previous skirmishes with rampaging synthetics, her jumpsuit had started falling apart. Her sleeves had been pulled off, reviling her bloated, heavy and cold arms. Her butt cheeks felt totally pinned inside the suit, as her plump rear end really made this whole thing a struggle for her, constantly getting stuck when she tried passing through a doorway or god forbid an air duct. The half blind killer robots walking around always managed to see her when she peaked around corners because her fleshy thighs jutted out. Good thing they could only walk at a slow pace, even then they actually was almost able to catch up to the jogging Ripley. The front zipper of her jumpsuit had been broken somehow and it allowed her belly to pour out and jiggle about freely in the station. It grumbled again. With no other option she devised a plan to distract the guard and make off with his food. Using some spare parts and scrap metal, she crafted a frankenstein device which she dubbed simply a noise maker. With this she would lure the guard out of his fort and grab as much food as she could carry. However just in case he develops a lack of interest and goes back to his fort she would need a back up plan in case things got complicated. After carefully inspecting his makeshift citadel, she noticed that there was a small air duct located on the back wall of his fort. If she couldn't escape through the front door, she would go through that way. Perfect. Ripley got into position on the outside of his redoubt and tossed the noisemaker to the otherwise of the large lobby they were in. Beep! Beep! Beep! The noise maker did it's trick when it landed. "Hey what the hell? Who's there?" The man grunted with his shotgun pointed up. He fell for it and slowly crept out of his fort. It felt like an eternity for him to investigate the noise, and Ripley had a lot of time to decide if it was worth it. Of course it was. Ripley waited for him to gain some distance and made her move. Her legs hurt, what muscles she had were not use to the amount work they had been out through today but the food was to irresistible to stop. As she squeezed her way through the door, her thick hips got caught, causing the walls made from large containers to creak along the floor with her. She gasped and turned around, the man had not heard her fortunately and she adjusted her body to fit in. Activating the light on her small intercom/flashlight head piece, she looked around at the messy floor and various crates placed about. One crate was open and upon closer inspection it was filled with numerous amounts of fattening foods like candy and snack bars or peanut butter crackers. She smiled and licked her lips, she was starving and couldn't resist. She immediately picked up a handful and ripped the wrapping right off and began to go all out on them. Absent mindedly began to pig out on the treats, picking down one after one after one. A ticking sensation began in groin making her seductively unwrap one chocolate bar and shove more than half of it between her plump lips. Shove, swallow, it's automatic to her now. "Hey you!" The man yelled. Eyes widened, Ripley immediately started to grab as much snacks as she could, stuffing them into her pockets or into her mouth if there was still room. The man ran at her as she tried to get through the vent but she was to slow. The man with enormous strength grabbed her and tossed her away from the vent and made her collide against one of the crates Ripley fumbled as she got up and slowly tried to run away. The man hit her with the back of the shotgun, which made her collapse to the ground on chest first with a loud thud. "No!" Ripley cried out as she turn and waved her hand at the man. Her face was red, sweat began to drip down more intensely as her lips were covered by the crumbs of her feast. "Are you serious? You greedy pig! You were going to leave me with nothing!" He yelled. "Please!" Ripley begged but there was no point as the man cocked the shotgun and aimed it at her head. And it was over. All in an instant. The man lowered his gun, his face wiped away any expression he had. Suddenly blood started to sliver out slowly from his mouth. Ripley opened her eyes when she heard the shotgun drop to the floor only to be blinded by the horror in front of her. The man had a sharp, long, dark green thorn sticking through his chest. The Alien had arrived, attracted by all the noise they had created. He awkwardly looked down at his impalement and with his last bit of strength he screamed louder then a clap of thunder. Ripley slapped the side of her head with her hands but could not shut it out, his howl pierced through her thick hands easily. In one quick jerking motion the man was yanked through the door of his improvised but defeated citadel. Using the opportunity, Ripley sluggishly made her way to the vent. She tripped to the floor and landed on her cushiony ass and pressed the button opening the cover to the circular door, not taking her eyes off of the broken entrance to the fort. Laying on her back, Ripley steered her thick torso through the hole. It was a tight squeeze but she managed to get both her arms through and slide in until her belly managed to follow. Then she stopped. She was out of breath and felt like she was going to faint. Giving one more tug she realized that her thick thunder thighs were way to big to fit into the air duct. That's when she began to panic. She yanked and tugged, but couldn't squeeze through. She tried sucking in her gut and maybe get out of the duct but there was no way. She was simply to fat, to bloated, to obese to get out. There was no way. The man had stopped screaming and she could hear the monster moving around, getting closer. Ripley tried to compress her thighs with her hands but her belly clogged the entire opening, there was no way to reach her legs. It was also where she stored the food she had taken. The only thing that would bring her comfort was out of reach, incapable, Ripley began to cry and yell for help but she knew... No one was coming. Warm. It's what she felt as thick liquid dripped onto her forehead. She stopped bawling and held her breath. A paralyzing hissing noise came from the pitch black shaft above her. More liquid descended onto her temple. Slowly she turned her headlight on. It was there. Slowly crawling down the vent towards her. Accepting her fate she watched as it's stopped, hissed and opened it's mouth. Blind terror pierced Ripley's brain an instant before the powerful inner jaw of the alien that followed suit.

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