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1/15/2015 11:02:57 PM

PS4 Vault of Glass for Hardcore gamers only. Trophy Glory.

I'm looking for 5 hardcore endgame players that would like to accomplish the so rare and dooming trophy to complete a raid without dying. Been there for a while ( ever since the raid came out for the first time ) i'm level 31 slowly approaching level 32. My main weapons for that raid are: IceBreaker (d'uh), Truth ( never gets old ) and Atheon's epilogue or whatsoever weapon from VoG maxed out. What am i expecting from those 5 hardcore players? 1) Skill ( you shall never ever die. No matter what ) 2) Weapons ( don't come in if your level is too low and if you don't have one of the best exotic weapons for that raid ( Truth, Jellyhorn or Icebreaker ) 3) Experience ( Know the raid like the shoes you got in your feet, Know the jumps, the strategy of all bosses and the path to use at the harpies) 4) Communication ( if you don't speak english i cannot communicate with you and if i cannot communicate with you then that's a problem) Congratulations you've read this far and still reading my post. You won all my regards. If you think and know you are suit for this job and get the platinum trophy of this game then add on PSN my ID which is: Chocosko or... send me a private message. I would like to raid with you at 9 pm GMT+1 ( Yes Paris time but i'm not french ) Wish to see you soon in game fellah

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