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1/14/2015 2:25:20 PM

This should be a DLC....

When they said that the dark below was coming out, I was excited. I will admit that I got extremely bored with the same thing over and over again and I was looking forward to a change of scenery. The Dark Below that I pictured was way different than the one that was released and I just thought that I would share my idea on the forums since most people I have talked to say that it is very good/ fricking awesome. When Bungie said "how far will you go into the dark below" I imagined an endless hive fortress that you could go through that would get increasingly difficult as you progress. In short... The ultimate grinding machine. No longer would you have to kill a certain enemy, exit the mission, and repeat all for one gun that won't even be useful in later missions. Instead; you dive into the dark below with a few of your buddies on an endless killing spree! It would be fun and would take a little longer to get old in my opinion. So there it is. My idea for a DLC. An endless fortress (not necessarily hive) of enemies that would make it much easier and enjoyable to grind for that husk or whatever it is you have your eye on! Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think!

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