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Im sick of the same shit...

I did daily earlier, easy as pie with my warlock no problems nothing apart from 1 death However tried it with my titan got to crotas stupid crystal (bs storyline) and everytime i would get stuck on a pebble, i mean wtf a big ass rock i understand but when i die all i see on the ground is a pebble, and its not just in one place its all around that crappy cave... Then i manage to not get stopped by a pebble get really close to killing him then 'boom' one shotted by a knight... Why? Im lvl 30, when i was level 10 against a level 10 knight it didnt screw me over in one... Then on my warlock like i said nice and easy, a fair amount of thrall spawned within reason but on my titan they spawned almost every 5 seconds causing me to get swarmed by both cursed and normal thrall whilst knight are shooting at me... Its not even that im a bad player, not to sound vain but i know im good within reason, and certainly good enough to beat a daily on lvl 30... This game is so broken its unreal... Its like buying a book with all the pages ripped, causing you to read and re-read... Im sorry im done... Youve lost yet another fan, i will be trading this in for game credit as this is just not enjoyable anymore P.s bungie: im so glad your not working on halo anymore because you'd f.uck that up aswell, such a perfect game and you'd still destroy it, just for the money, i know activision played a part but you still have the right to argue, your fans give you feedback constantly how to improve the game (excluding nerfers), how about you try listening to them since we are essentially still playing a beta and were the beta testers STILL... Sorry bungie i refuse to pay to be a beta tester since usually theyre the ones that get paid to give you feedback... Youve become like a cheap and nasty prostitute hung up and left out to dry... Honestly i think everyone should stop posting feedback see what happens to the game then, its such a shame to see such potential fall from such a great height Get good programming noobs... Lol Dev team sucks balls Deej suck hairy testicles Urk is a waste of space Bungie corporation is a disgusting money grabbing company SCREW YOU

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