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Editado por zoidberg1274: 1/9/2015 2:58:46 AM

I'm not able to get passed the menu screen due to "missing content".

Every time I turn on my game I am directed to the title menu, press A to begin, wait while it loads, and then it tells me that I am missing expansion content and wont allow me to play. It tells me that in order to play I have to transfer the expansion content to my Xbox 360 hard drive, but there is nothing to transfer. I haven't moved anything from my memory and I haven't bought any expansion content, and this has never happened before until today. That being said, the damn game won't tell me what content i'm missing, so am I forced to delete all the content I have (compatibility packs etc.) and re-download it all? Or is there a way that the game can prompt me (like any other game) that I am missing select content, so that I can go re download it?

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