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1/8/2015 1:25:14 AM

Holiday "Gift"

I feel like giving out a random legendary was kind of a cop out of Bungies part. It's sweet that you're giving the new players a quick leg-up to get into the new content, but for the rest of the community, you gave us a couple Ascendants. Frankly, I would have rather gotten nothing. This "Gift," just symbolizes a recurring issue with Bungie, think short term, not long term. Giving a limited ghost shell, sparrow or even a consumable that gives you a santa hat would have been cool. At least it's not something you can obtain through normal channels. Unless you got an exotic (in which case, grats!), you likely got something you will use for a very short period of time before dismantling. I'd like to see Bungie be a little more creative next time. Maybe assign your QA Engineers to this, we all know they aren't doing their jobs :p Now go ahead haters, flame away on my [u]mostly[/u] objective post.
#Destiny #LetDown

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