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10/19/2014 12:36:54 AM

Being Disabled: Destiny Control Scheme Limitations

I'm not one to complain or make a habit if it or anything, but I'm at a point where I can't really play or enjoy the game as a disabled gamer - due to my difficult hands and the limitations with the control schemes you guys went with. I usually trust that titles are much more flexible with button mappings - or offer a wide enough variety that can suit what I need to at least enjoy the game - but within the control sets you have available - many functions are locked into place or are not flexible - such as having toggle to zoom. I have trouble manipulating both triggers at the same time because of one of my hands, abd to my disappointment - there's not one layout that doesn't require both opposite side triggers for shooting, and there is no aim toggle option I could settle for to play the game. I doubt I'll get much traction on this and will just have to cut my losses and learn my lesson to try a game before I buy a game next time - but I thought I'd at least try to get some attention to it to you - that there are people that really really need that flexibility in controls in the future. I'm sorry I never got to enjoy your game, maybe your next one will be better suited for difficult gamers like myself >_< Sincerely, Ron - Crazy handed gamer

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