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Fan Created Races

I recently posted a thread containing ideas I had for an alien race that could be included in Destiny. Given that this is unlikely, I would instead like to create a thread for the discussion of an formulation of these ideas regardless of their possible influence on the directive team. Without further ado I present to you my own two races within the Destiny universe. Given the name Ministry. Evoke a feeling of minimalistic feudal dynasty.Technology and structures are plain and utilize solid geometry. Ranks are based on societal hierarchy. Physical strength and muscle mass is mostly at bottom half of body. Cybernetic augmentations can be observed. Are physically tall and imposing, with long, club like arms and pale, pinkish grey skin. Strange looking, segmented faces with mothlike eyes and no visible mouth. Notable feature is a branching, flexible proboscis that is used for sensory means. Utilize disposable energy weapons with no need for reload. High accuracy with low damage output; most targets are taken in alive for experimentation.You will not be. The Ministry are all about business and economic advance. They have little regard for the sanctity of other life. They are at war with the Fallen. Encountered on: Europa, Moon of Jupiter; Pluto, Venus Classes are as follows: Deposed: Well armored "fodder" class that deploys flanking tactics when available and a rapid advance when preferable. Notable features include lack of head protection and stilted growth. Much shorter than their brethren, they are the foot soldiers of the Ministry. They can be seen wielding either short range blasters or what would appear to be energy-based scout rifles. The Vagrant are the less endowed half of a society that prizes height and intellect as prime characteristics. As such, they are given all of the tools to put their stature and outlook to good use. Guard: Cybernetically enhanced members of the Ministry who prefer to wait at the very brink of the battlefield. An Guard will see you long before you know of it's presence. Physically, the Guard is an average specimen, albeit highly modified. The Guard has a built in focus module implanted in the skull and lack the Ministry's trademark eyes, giving them a hollow, corpse-like appearance. They are lightly armored and deploy distraction tactics, taking pot shots to overwhelm and disorient their target. They carry two weapons of choice; a precise laser that fires in short, pellet like bursts, and small, pebble like explosives that momentarily blind the enemy. Judge: Imposing, spindly figures that stride across the battlefield. The most common Ministry type next to the Vagrant, and the highest in command.They use their great height to aim over cover and flush out their targets. They are heavily armored in a thin, skintight sheath of unknown material. If ever the target drops out of sight, they may deploy a Scout, a small drone that can quickly locate their target again. They wield a mid-range laser that will accumulate damage as it is focused on a target, and a visceral, skewer-like instrument that can stun. Scout: The drone utilized by Walkers. It takes a moment to scan, so a sharp eyed Guardian may take it out before it can send vital information. Pariah:Terrible experiments have produced this maniacal breed. These infantry will chase their target with little to no hesitation,even under the heaviest of fire. They can be identified by their erratic movement and strange cloaks. These cloaks serve a use; they are made of the same material as most Ministry armor and can deflect even the most powerful munitions as the Pariah charge their target. They hold this cloak ahead of themselves while shooting wildly with a unique "particle" shotgun that ensnares it's target and damages continually. Executioner: Members of the Ministry who have elected to undergo extreme cybernetic modification. They are unable to stand tall like their brethren due to the sheer weight of their brawn. These Ministry can be identified by their hulking arms, hunched posture,and large helmets. They utilize mobile turrets attached to each gargantuan wrist. They carry on their backs a generator that allows them to power their enhancements. They have in each arm a visible conduit that must be destroyed to overload the generator and take the behemoth down. Guardians should be warned that the overload can be quite devastating. Technologies Tower: A vertical drop ship that can contain legions of Ministry. Each "window" deploys a ladder-like bridge that grapples into the surface and allows myriad infantry to come across. Escort: A wide platform-like vehicle carried by an unknown means, saddled with 6 small turrets that lob energy bombs. Pagoda: A massive, pyramid-like craft that can carry generations of Ministry across time and space. It is believed that there may only be several Pagoda, and that most deployments come from within these few. Shaman: Cubicle-like dropships that emerge from a Pagoda to deliver Towers full of Ministry to the surface. Class/technology art will be done, but for now, I have this VVV Latest art (of a generic specimen): <a></a> The face is segmented and meant to resemble a more insectoid, yet still mammalian ape-like appearance. Moths and bats also influenced the appearance. The palps that extend below the head serve the purpose of covering up the vulnerable single nostril, as the Ministry survive on a substantially lower level of oxygen than humans do. I suppose that shooting the proboscis might disorient them in a way similar to beheading a Vex, yet crippling them rather than sending them into a berserk mode. However, due to the great sensory overload they will become infuriated upon returning to their senses. The vent-like openings between each side of the nostril are expressive, flaring up and chittering to express whatever the Ministry is expressing; because of their similarity to a harmonica, my father has christened them "Magic Dick" aliens. TL;DR: Goddamn cool shit. Go read it or don't whine. The next are reminiscent of the Vex in that they blur the line between life and machine. However, I felt the need to go one step further. #2 Given the name Scourge. Evoke a feeling of organic architecture and machinery, as well as totalitarianism. Everything about the Scourge, from their great nomadic fortresses to their fleet ships to the Scourge themselves are organic and pulsating. They resemble a nightmarish populace of machines crafted from living flesh; tendons replacing pulleys, nerves replacing circuitry. The Scourge are a marvel to behold, should one dare to venture close enough to their lair. They build great fortress walls and closed tunnel "highways" across their chosen domain. They have fortresses scattered across the Asteroid Belt, with great sinewy bridges connecting the many strongholds. They are at war with the Hive and Vex. Encountered on: Asteroid Belt, Rings of Saturn, Mercury (fighting Vex) , Moon (driven under the catacombs).

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