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12/30/2014 11:20:40 PM

To strider!

Thanks strider... Kick me and not let me get the chest from our run. Idk why you are such an uptight asswhole to a new raid member who is good. You get too damn mad too damn fast and butthurt. You need to chill the -blam!- out kid. It is a game. And i was doing just fine with my "side conversations# which were not even conversations haha. You make this guild not fun. Baton was fun to play with. Everyone else is fun. Besides you. You are possibly one of the worste leaders ive played with so far. You need to just chill the -blam!- out and have fun. Yeah i know u want to finish raids without problems.. But holy shit. You kicked me because you got. Mad over nothing when i was doing just fine. Ill be leaving the clan. Unless people would like me to stay. You can message me in game if you have problems with what i said. @RainySole

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