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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Best method for Hive Majors

When you first spawn in on Earth, if you look to your right there is that square building with a load of Dregs and Vandals outside it. If you go underground from there, you see a room that is empty with a chest room in it, normally 2 yellow bar acolytes and 1 yellow bar knight will spawn in there. This trick to get these spawning again is that you can run outside the room to the left a bit and run back, by the time you have got back in they will have spawned again but if you here the sound of a skiff coming in, you will need to kill those fallen which are located right next to a patrol mission beacon on the right. After this you can you back down to the spawn and the majors should be there waiting for you. I will make a YouTube video on it if people don't know where I am talking about. Edit 1: This is mainly for Christmas noobs so don't be hatin' and stuff just because most of you will already know of it. Edit 2: DON'T TURN RIGHT AND WALK OFF A CLIFF. Edit 3: You can go both ways, left or right.

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