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Global community event suggestion: Struggle - PvE at Crucible arenas

Hello everybody! Hello Bungie! I was just reading through Grimoire cards and found that Crucible arenas were once places where guardians faced the Darkness(Twilight Gap, for example). So I got an idea: [b]every day at random time[/b] there may happen a [b]Global Community Event[/b] that lasts 1-1,5 hour(twice a day). Minions of Darkness start their attack at random Crucible arena and we are supposed to push them back. If we don't, the arena becomes either unavailable for PvP or filled with enemies that will interrupt you from playing normally during Crucible(enemy race depends on the arena). How I imagine the [b]event in action[/b]: [b]1[/b]. All guardians are notified about the upcoming event five minutes before its start(also by Companion app). They get some message like [i]'The Darkness is approaching on %map name%'[/i]. [b]2[/b]. Players become able to join the [b]Struggle[/b] event from the Orbit. They can join at any time before the end of the event. [b]3[/b]. [b]Struggle[/b] is some kind of [b]Control-Patrol-Salvage mix[/b]. 6 to 12 players per map. Reviving allies is possible. The community goal is to accumulate a certain number of [b]Control Points[/b] by: -continuously [b]controlling zones[/b] on the map while dealing with overwhelming hordes of enemies -completing mini-missions([b]Directives[/b]) like taking out enemy officers, holding particular zones for a set amount of time, destroying dropships, capturing relics. [b]3[/b].[b]1[/b]. Struggle may be either [b]defensive[/b] or [b]offensive[/b]. If players lost Struggle on some map, there must be an extra event added during the next day to try to reclaim the arena. [b]3[/b].[b]2[/b]. If the community accumulates enough Control Points, the remaining Event time can be used to increase players's chances for better rewards. [b]3[/b].[b]3[/b]. Struggle may be [b]Normal[/b], [b]Heroic[/b] or [b]Epic[/b]. The harder the Struggle, the better rewards the participating players will get if they succeed. Normal Struggles should happen more often. [b]4[/b]. I suggest adding [b]legendary Struggle gear[/b] set with some exclusive features. Also, weapons. [b]Struggle weapon modifier[/b] can be like [i]'Weapon damage x1.5 if no zones controlled'[/i]. [b]5[/b]. The only thing I can't tell you about is balance. But balancing the game is up to you, Bungie! I know you can do it well! [i]Struggle events will barely affect Crucible but will bring a lot of fun to everyone, I guess. They will enrich Destiny experience without breaking it's conception.[/i] Hope you got interested in the idea. Please leave your comments below and I hope we can bring it to life together! P.S. Gonna think of some Lord Shaxx's replies for Struggle, I'll add them a little later

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