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Editado por Fox Trottts: 12/25/2014 12:32:54 AM

Merry christmas to all floodians!

Merry Christmas flood! Its a been a weird year… where Banter was a joke, 9+10 equaled 21 and someone was "In me mums car" and all I hope is that 2015 can't be worse than that. Please flood, have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year. Have a good one, guys. ~Your buddy, DRAGON SNIPER 3 [spoiler] Santa snipers coming to town You better watch out You better not cry I'm telling you why Santa snipers are taking your lives He's checking his scope, He's checking it twice, He's looking down at you, So take a chance; roll the dice, Santa sniper is coming, to town! [/spoiler]

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