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Idea to make the "Wild" more... Wild.

This sounds cool


This sounds stupid


How about wildlife? Not stuff such as rabbits hopping around Old Russia, but how about enemies? The grimoire talks about Ahamkara, dragon like beings on Venus and how people hunted them. Why not include enemies like this? It could be a new way to get certain upgrade materials, or new unique ones. Bosses could become more unique, being animal like instead of humanoids with guns. They would introduce unique combat strategies, and much more. Dragons that fly? Guerilla tactic enemies? How about fighting and entire herd? There could also be passive wildlife, nonharmful. How cool would it be to watch the natural order and such play out as Ahamkara swoop down and pick up small animals? There could be entire new areas on existing planets along with on new planets. How about areas not reached or tamed during the Golden Age? Natural terrain, unique locals, all untouched and well.. "wild". Just an idea, some feedback would be nice. TL:DR: -Animal like enemies -Areas untouched by people at all, natural and well.. alien. New, unique, awe-inspiring (think stepping onto the Halo ring the first time.) -Hunting! -New bosses and opportunities! -New enemy tactics and strategies! -Circle of life!

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