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12/8/2014 8:12:37 AM

VoG hard Atheon/gatekeeper hit marker/spawning door glitch

Basically -blam!-ers are not taking damage leaving doorway! I might be shooting early but I don't feel I'm shooting earlier than I have before. And depth or when they took damage varied it seemed. Biggest thing was watching reactions to being hit by praytorians (most noticeable and glitchy but all did some stuff but not like pray) Three different times on left while praytorian exited out and past the step and pillar of doorway by few steps. I shot rockets that did little to no damage. Probably best two shots I had during these was lined up straight I front of me walking at me but not sprinting at me. Shots both had locks and at time was only enemy In frame. Shots moved him back like 8-10 ft (total maybe 3/4 first then 5-7ft and arms went up swing) back and had teammate running behind him amd between the spawn doorway with goblin group exiting. Didn't break his shield never saw hit mark points but moved him twice with staggering trying to balance himself. I know doorway has protection pretty far on that door but pretty sure he was out of protection of doorway there and I got -blam!-ed on big glitch. My rocket is steel oracle solar maxed and I'm lvl 30 with lock and 2 shots rate and stability. On Venus I shoot one rocket and bring down shield and little health for comparison. Next both about the same thing shot the praytorian both times tripped my mine and didn't do noticeable damn or show hit marker points or resist. Both time I threw my throwing knife with incendiary and showed a hit on him and he reacted to it. And finally both seemed to be well past door protection and shots moved them back with enough force to cause damage to others behide them or near. Problem one caused damage after being shot on second shot into doorway into goblins caused 15% damage to goblins when he hit into them it lol more like force of shot causing them to hit damage both not the shots fr rocket. Again no hit marks I saw. The other shot same thing but goblins area everywhere I didn't aim my shots but moved them second shot I guess hit the ground because I knocked prAytorain into air with two or three goblins near shot. Damage didn't show hit mark from my shots and no imitate damage was take off or showed until they hit wall. But everyone of these mofo like 3/5 air lol. During atheon time of vengeance to fire rockets I go to back (bubble death trap I know I have shot them out but stopped) and it seems if i aim at sweet spot on him even with a sniper half shots look like the hit and show no hit points marks or look like they vanish. Seemed to happen most when we had most time to shoot him. Nothing was in line of fire? Bubble normally right beneath but not in line of sight. Even happens if aim little above bubble to make sure and happens when he is neAr rock pillar thing on looking at him side left like shots just disappear and shot is clean from sights even sniper. And I'll hit 2-6 shots with sniper and raid sniper has no recoil so do see that as problem and most of shots are tight in same shot as one before. But only last few shots get marks for damage. Sure

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