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Editado por ArmchairMirror5: 12/7/2014 5:02:24 PM

I think the health system should be reworked to allow a healer subclass.

Edit: I am not complaining i am justbthrowing around ideas to expand the game and maybe add more depth with healer subclasses. Right now the health system consist of three or four bars with the last one being your health. Also you can not see your teammates health and only guess their condition. I propose a health system that consist of a single shield bar over a larger health bar which is visible when teammates point at you. The players health should be larger but not recoverable like shields. The only way to recover your health would be by reaching a check point or having a class where the grenades can latch onto and heal allies. The minimum amount of health with full shields would be equivalent to what we have now and with more health, difficulties can be increased. As i said before this system can allow for an actual healer subclass who can throw healing grenades amd have a super that can revive a single teammate. Please comment on what you think about this and help improve my idea so maybe it can be considered by bungie. (Maybe have ward of dawn and sunsinger have healing trees?)

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