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11/21/2014 4:51:08 AM

Unable to use Ghost Edition digital content

Hello, I pre-ordered and purchased Destiny: Ghost Edition for PlayStation 3 (PS3) and redeemed my Valkyrie-O5X ship skin and Frontier Ghost shell the day I got home. Recently, I have sold my PS3 for a PlayStation 4 (PS4), a natural upgrade, and bought the PS4 Glacier White Destiny Bundle. I had an unpleasant surprise when I was greeted with the white face of the Generalist Ghost shell, as opposed to my beloved Frontier Shell to match my Ghost replica on my shelf. Baffled as to why I would suddenly have my Ghost's shell randomly switched back to stock, I quickly opened my inventory only to see the horrifying sight of my Frontier shell still being equipped, but instead darkened and with a glaring red banner stating "Requires Collector's Edition" along with "Requires Purchase" over my Valkyrie-O5X, and "Requires Preorder Exclusive" on my red Sparrow I received from GameStop. Is there something I need to do to active this content on my PS4 copy of Destiny, perhaps a customer support line I need to call, or am I really just condemned to never see that glorious paintjob on my Ghost again? Assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time (to anyone who provides advice, information, or assistance.) TL;DR: I got Ghost Edition on PS3, can't access content on PS4. What gives? I didn't pay $90 extra to be disappointed.

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