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12/5/2014 4:23:50 PM

Weekly nightfall runs

Hello guardians! I understand that running the Nightfall can be a sad. Treacherous experience for you. Maybe your not high enough level or simply do not have enough good friends to kick it's ass. Don't fret. We're here to help. Me and my friend every week run the nightfall twice. Just us unless we can pick someone else up randomly. But what's the point of just 2 manning something that could really help a player in need? If you want to come along on the ride. Message TG unknown and I'll add you so we can get you geared up over the next few weeks and so you too can help your fellow guardians. It's first come first serve and we won't be available all the time. We usually try to run it as early in the week as possible so try and message me before hand so I can try and plan one out. Feel free to post if your in the same situation and would like to help some people out!

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