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Editado por mrUzaini: 12/3/2014 2:23:52 PM

Vault Of Glitch (Post patch)

So the atheon fight in VoG is well known for its glitches and bugs. Post patch of not being able to cheese the templar now is causing even more problems in the atheon fight. These are the glitches that I went through in the atheon fight, kindly add more if you experienced it. -Minotaur gains health and doesn't die. -get teleported with a detainment bubble. -oracles succumb when we are killing it in order. -2 people gets teleported, sometimes 4, sometimes none. -times vengeance is not activated when coming out of the portal. -not getting past the portal and keep getting stuck in (Mars, Venus/ Past, future) in an endless loophole of death. Edit1: I meant it as the bugs and glitches happening more often after the templar cheesing patch.

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