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12/2/2014 8:33:37 AM

Something weird happened a couple of days back...BUNGIE

Morning. So I was in the rocket yard farming for Spin metal sunday evening and trying to get my Kill 10 x Fallen Captain (or whatever its called) bounty when I literally got attacked by a hoard of increasingly high level Fallen and Hive. At the start it just felt like they were re-spawning faster. This developed into having Fallen shielded captains which then moved into having shielded Shanks (think nightfall) and almost every enemy from both factions being yellow. I was at it for literally 10 minutes and it felt like every kill dropped a blue engram and purple ammo. Basically felt like a hoard mode and was simply amazing. I invited the two guys who were in my chat and the moment they turned up, the enemies did their "vaporise" thing. They saw the amount of people there was but it ended when they turned up to help. I don't think I've had so much fun with this game ever. Was simply brilliant and a real challenge. Any ideas why it happened? I remember Deej said that "The enemies in the Rocket yards were regrouping"...was this it? Ive tried so many times since doing EXACTLY what I did before to replicate it but to no avail which is a shame as it was epic. Any insight into this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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