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12/1/2014 6:58:43 PM

Limited Edition Code + Vanguard Code

Hi buddies, I was wondering. I have entered my Limited Edition code as well as the rest of the Box on the website and it appears that nothing unlocked?! Yes I checked the Support page as well as google. No real help! I waited (5 days), I restarted (10 times), tried to enter the codes again. This time it was on my console... they won't be recognised as they already have been redeemed. However I read on the support site that I would have to "re-download" the expansion as it would not be downloaded automatically... Though I did that I only received the EV-30 and there is still no sign of all that other extra stuff which has been promised to me for buying the limited edition... I would appreciate any help! Thank you guys and a lot of fun kicking some (enter alien race name here) bottom! T.

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