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11/24/2014 7:57:42 PM

Clan Tools For Clan Leaders





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I am a PS4 Destiny Clan leader. I would have to agree with many other clan leaders in the regard that there is a lack of tools available to us that would allow us to fully embrace the Clan concept. We are currently having to deal with crude third party apps and websites when clearly you had something more in mind when you designed the game. Some of things I have seen posted are as follows: - Clan Tags under names, Clan Tabards, colors and logos to show off our clan spirit. - We would like to see you simplify the Followers, members, Clan-mate confusion. - I have seen other post that a clan based buffing system would be a nice touch that would encourage players to join clans. - Some have asked for a clan space station concept that could serve as clan bank and/or donation system for my clan-mates to donate common materials and glimmer. We could use this material to upgrade our stations and/or award different clan based buffing systems. - I would be helpful to have a clan based chat system that would allow clan leader to set channels and have the ability message the whole clan with one message. Even a message of the day that clan leaders could load up news and announcements that they would see when they logged in would be a great tool. I can't even sticky forum posts on my Bungie Clan page??? I know we are heading in to more of a PC gaming direction so I will end with this. We feel that Destiny will be around for sometime. Our clan wants to put down roots and settle in for the long haul. Your tower system is not bad for buying ammo packs, shader's and the like but it is not a hub of social life and communication we had hoped for. Thank you Bk6418BK Remnant of Chaos Founder

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