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I should've left when I saw that LvL 26 --> Iron Banner

EDIT 2: [url=]SGT TickleFight[/url] said it the best. so I'll post his msg. [quote]Lost 6 games in a row last night - me with >3500 each game with moderate k/d 1.25-2.0 while someone was at 375 pts, 3 kills and 15-20 deaths! It's hard to have a positive k/d when you have super feeders on your team... The sad part was some were 29 and 30s! I think okay PvE players think they are going to wreck in Iron Banner because they are 29/30. [/quote] EDIT 1: Listen people. The fact of the matter is that yes its fun to smash up on these lower level players, but it blows when they are on your team. I just so happen to be on a streak of terrible teammates, so I was venting. I would much rather play with a lower level with skill than play with level 30s who have less than a 1.0 K/D or won't control any zones (All Gear/No Skill). You can go 20/0 K/D with no zone caps and lose. Everyone is not IB material. Especially when it comes to objectives. All of your RAmBO stories are sooo touching. I don't doubt that there are individuals that could use their "maxed out weapons" at lower lvls and wreck in the IB. I am not even playing with my Level 30 gear on and I'm wrecking. Original post: Short message ... If you suck at PvP, stick to PvE. You are Blam!ing up the Iron Banner for everyone else. Secondly, quit bringing in these low ranks. If you aren't Iron Banner ready quit ruining it for everyone else.

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