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(BEWARE! giant wall of text ahead) [b]no tldr.[/b] So, you're a defender titan or a sunsinger warlock or maybe even a bladedancer hunter. you're supercharged and for some reason you decide to save up your super, maybe for a resurrect or a tricky situation that's fine, you're saving your super for when it's needed the most. while super charged, you managed to destroy a legion of enemies without using your super that are 2 supers worth of super energy, and your friend next to you just dropped 4 orbs of light from unloading a nova bomb. you got that "infusion" perk that makes orbs of light heal when picked up. or the other one that reduces grenade cooldowns for each orb picked up, but you can simply NOT pick up the orbs since you're supercharged. not to mention that 100% intellect being 100% useless after supercharging. all that super energy.. wasted. are you one of those people that don't like to "waste" their supers? well, i am. some might argue that you should just use the super and pick up the orbs/kill hundreds or just ignore the orbs, that's exactly what i'm doing, not because i want to, but because i will be less-efficient if i don't. [b][u]___________________________________________________________________________[/u][/b] I came up with 2 solutions for this problem. [b]1)Golden orbs of light:[/b] all super energy gained while super charged will be converted into golden orbs of light that can be stored in light slots inside the yellow super bar or above it. you will be given a slot for every 2 light levels after 20 so basically you will have 1 slot at 22 or 5 at 30. (6 when dlc comes out, lvl 32 will be the new max light level). after supercharging there will be a new small white bar that fills the super bar similar to how shields are shown on enemy/player health bars. this bar requires super energy worth 30%[b]([/b][i]edit[/i]: changed from 25%[b])[/b] of a super to fill up and each time it fills up a light slot will be filled with a golden orb of light. these golden orbs of light are worth 30% more super energy than a normal orb. the fact that they are stored means you can either drop them for your teammates [b](remember that an orb can be picked by all teammates)[/b] or use them on yourself by pressing the right stick (R3) to drop or holding it to consume individually. paired with the helm perk infusion, this would be the only way to heal at will in the game. turning that perk from a very situational perk to a must have. using your super will not affect the orbs stored but any super energy gained after using your super will increase the yellow bar instead of the white bar, and the white bar will stay the same until supercharged after which it will increase accordingly. [b][u]_____________________________________________________________________________[/u][/b] [b]2)ultimates:[/b] after super charging, all super energy gained will contribute to a new white bar above the yellow bar similar to shields shown on enemy/player health bars, it will take 50% more super energy to fill than a super so 250% (100% for the super+ 150% for the ultimate) super energy in total. after filling it a radiant "Ultracharged" will appear on the screen. using a super will convert the energy from the white bar to the yellow bar with a -50% energy penalty. holding the buttons for using a super will unleash an ultimate, something worth wasting excess super energy for saving. it could either be a new ability altogether (i don't support this idea personally, but it would be cool to see what bungie comes up with) or the same super but with all the perks that affect it. for example an ultimate radiance(sunsinger) will.. last 50% longer and -buff teammate's cooldowns. -provide damage reduction. -resurrect after death. an ultimate nova bomb(voidwalker) will.. do 50% more damage and -have a vortex effect. -split into three projectiles. (paired with the above it's three vortex nova bombs) -shoot faster and farther. the bladedancer's abilites are activated by the same button so all of them will be activated by pressing it. also lasts 50% longer if it's deemed op a possible penalty would be.. after using an ultimate all super energy gains will be reduced by 50% for 3 minutes (reduced by 6 seconds for each light level). [b][u]_________________________________________________________________________________[/u][/b] [b]Both[/b]: after both super charging and filling the light slots with golden orbs, holding [b](edit: simply pressing will do a super instead)[/b] the super button will consume all super energy and 3 orbs, unleashing a devastating ultimate! (minimum light level for an ultimate is 26) I myself prefer the golden orb of light idea. thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion. feel free to post your own ideas here. :D

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