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HUD Weapon/Mote/Exp Indicator

Hey all, I think we all know that post level 20, the bottom of the screen becomes alarmingly bare. For all levels before you reach Light requirements, there is a little bar indicating level progress. I think that this can be brought back for the light levels, and even changed out for convenience. What I propose is this: For levels before 20, your EXP indicator can stay the same, or it could be switched out to represent progress on your weapon that is currently being used, with the closest upgrade being tracked. Also, PvE and Crucible bounties could be tracked one at a time, with you selecting which bounty would be tracked. For post level 20, you obviously wouldn't have access to the EXP counter, but you would have access to switch it to the weapons and bounty bars, with the added addition of a Mote of Light progress bar. Also, perhaps exotic bounties could be tracked there as well. These are just some ideas I've had, and while I take credit for this post specifically, I'm sure many of you have had these ideas and possibly even posted them. I just wanted to share my thoughts and spread these ideas. If you have any other progress bars that could be added, make sure to let everyone know in a reply and just leave some feedback. Hope you enjoyed the read! Happy hunting, Guardians.
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