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11/10/2014 3:41:32 AM

Minotaur eliminate the target events need to be fixed.

Whenever I see one of these events the minotaur just teleports and runs and ends up getting to the end with well over 3 minutes left on the clock. Im not trying to complain that they are to hard to solo because I know that they are meant to be fought by multiple people, but when they just teleport and run to the end they end up getting there in like 40 seconds. I just did one where I actually had to get on my sparrow in order to catch up with him since he teleported straight past me multiple times and then started running as fast as a guardian can run. While on foot I could barely keep up with him, but I wouldnt be able to shoot him if I was. Even when I got on my sparrow and got ahead of him he just teleported 50 feet ahead of me and kept on trucking. There was only one moment where he actually stopped to fight me, but it was only for about 5 seconds then he teleported away and was a few feet from the final checkpoint.

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