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11/9/2014 1:57:49 PM

The Exo Stranger is travelling backwards through time

That's my hypothesis. Evidence: - she seems to already 'know' what you're 'about to do' before you even know yourself - when you meet her for the second time and ask her why she brought you to Venus, she doesn't seem to acknowledge this (because from her POV your first meeting has not yet taken place) - when you ask her if she can help you attack the Black Garden, she says she cannot because her path is her own (ie. she's moving in the opposite direction through time) - other Guardians say her intervention has helped avert catastrophes or death, as if she knows the future - she doesn't have time to explain why she doesn't have time to explain because she can only speak to you in the present a short while before she moves on into the past - she's reminiscent of Moneta in the novel Hyperion Evidence against: - she has the yellow rifle in all the cutscenes although she gives it away in the last one. could have had more than one, of course From the cutscenes we see I don't think there's quite conclusive evidence but any more information we receive will probably confirm it

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