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11/6/2014 9:38:32 PM

Different Ghost Shells

[Warning] A question and pure speculation follow: So it occurred to me the first time I opened my character screen in game... Our ghost occupies a slot, right? Every other slot in that screen (vehicle, ship, shader, emblem) can be replaced with other things. Has anyone heard of anything on getting different ghosts? Is Dinklebot our one and only companion throughout our experience, or is there something more planned as far as that is concerned? This also raises the question: What does this mean for the ghost itself? Is it bound to us (in game, lore-wise, not gear-wise) and is rendered useless if we replace it? Or would it find another dead body to raise and follow around? What if something other than a ghost could occupy that slot? Maybe another AI type device or technology from a different race... If anyone has heard anything on this chime in, I'm curious. I'm sure at least a few others are too... [Disclaimer] This thread is also cautiously tagged with #lore as this slot being swappable has lore implications as well.

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