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11/2/2014 10:17:49 PM

VoG - Improving Tone and Direction with Ghost

So I've been thinking about the Vault of Glass recently, specifically about the lack of both direction for players AND the lack of commentary from the Ghost. I think we all can agree that we've been through far less extraordinary circumstances on the various worlds and have gotten more talk from the Ghost than in the Vault of Glass. I think this should be changed for multiple reasons. First off, there are wondrous and dangerous things in the Vault of Glass, and yet there's a lack of tone to represent the grandiose challenge that every Guardian faces there. It would be nice for the Ghost to speak up about some of the enemies and structures around, to bring up things that players wouldn't realize going through the Vault or that they could only find in the Grimoire Cards. Second off, the Vault of Glass is a unique place with unique objectives, and people starting out go in completely blind unless they've got a guide or have done research on the raid. By having the Ghost give some observations and directions, players new to the raid could go in with a general idea of what needs to be done. There are no other challenges quite like in the Vault of Glass, and as everyone knows the first group to try getting through spent an hour or so just getting through the door! I do understand that perhaps groups going through the Vault of Glass might get irritated by the ghost telling them things they already know, but they've gotta go through the same thing with Strikes anyway. It's not like it's adding something they don't deal with already. Here are some examples you could use, and of course you could change it up however you see fit. Gate: "If we want to get in, we'll have to open this gate. I'm detecting three rings that must to be activated in synch to make the Spire we need to get through." Conflux: "There are some unusual readings coming from that Conflux, and I'm detecting Vex heading right for us with similar readings. We can't let them reach the Conflux!" Oracles: "I'm detecting some very odd energy readings coming from those things. You have to destroy them!" Relic: "That relic is filled with light. It may be what we need to get through that Vex's shields!" Gorgons: "Those Vex possess a lot of strange power. I'd recommend we keep out of sight." Canyon: "Well, looks like we need to get to the other side. On those disappearing platforms... Don't look down!" These are just SOME examples, and of course could be changed at your discretion. I think they would add some direction for new players, and really help sell the epic feat that players are trying to accomplish.

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