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Hablemos de Destiny.
Editado por Visceral Havoc: 11/1/2014 2:32:51 AM

Destiny 10 year life span?

Yes I believe it will last 10 years


No I don't believe it will last 10 years


I'm waiting to see how it unfolds before I make my decision


I gave it some thought and was curious to see what other people thought, please give your reasons as to why you selected what you selected. As of right now I don't have much hope for this game and believe me i desperately want it to be so but based on the current tedious content I personally see this game dying out quickly kind of like titanfall. Titanfall was a AWESOME game, the guns were responsive and it played fast and smooth just like destiny. Unfortunately the best gun play in the world just can't make up for the lack of content. I waited YEARS for this game dreaming of a true mmo fps persistently expanding world where I could drown myself in an unending oasis of unique content that no one else has mastered or seen and that just wasn't delivered. But I digress cause this is just the beginning of the new generation of consoles and MAYBE they can save Destiny (Please do save it!) But as more games come out more and more people will be pulled away and lose interest in this game, there are some heavy hitter top notch games coming out and if things don't change those new games will drain the life from this game and it will be a distant memory. What do you think they can add to help keep destiny on its feet? I personally hope they add things like weapon creation since I have enough weapon parts to fund a small military operation. And I'm talking about down to the bone detail weapon creation system like you can choose what type of barrel, magazine, grip, trigger type, element type, round type, color(shader), sights, emblem and weapon skill tree (with special exceptions * example* you can't have maxed stability with Max impact and range for obvious balancing reasons) and have all these weapon parts divide into their respectable categories (common, uncommon, rare, legendary, exotic). The higher the quality the more resources and challenges you have to complete in order to achieve crafting that weapon part (such as using 300 relic iron to craft a exotic barrel that deals out a ton of impact with the obvious trade off of increased recoil) so in order to make you own custom exotic would take a ton of resources and time but it would be YOUR gun, something that no one else has and that's the kind of individualism gamers lover soooo apply this same idea of weapon personalization to armor and bam the depth of the game becomes far more more interesting. Feed some ideas and let's see what the community has to offer to help save destiny.

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