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Should grenades be able to damage and kill you?

Yes, grenades should damage and kill you.


No, grenades should not damage and kill you.


Many times I have thrown a Tripmine grenade for it to blow up in my face if I'm too close to an enemy or for an enemy to shoot it then kill me. Just now I was doing the Nexus strike mission for my exotic bounty. I threw a Tripmine at the nexus boss thing, he shot it and I died. I was also doing the complete a strike without dying and get 9000 experience without dying (only about 1000 experience left) so I had do that all over again. Its a total balls ache and I think that grenades shouldn't be able to kill you in PvE because of charging enemies. [b]UPDATE:[/b] they at least shouldnt be able to kill you. Maybe damage you quite a bit so that your vilnerable but not kill. And I don't mean the enemy is infront of me then I throw it, I mean when enemies are far away then they start charging/suddenly teleport infront of me....

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