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Hablemos de Destiny.
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My Fellow Guardians, I'm filled with Sorrows to Bring the Truth to You!, Embrace This Man's Voice Because He has Spoken the Truth about Destiny.

I come forth to you my Fellow Guardians, That I have Found the Truth about how Destiny Was Meant To Be Played, I'm Here with Sorrows and Disgraceful Of What they Have Done to Destiny. Watch and Listen to this Man's Review of What He has to say about the True Destiny. The True Destiny Embrace this Man's Voice My Fellow Guardians! Because This Is The TRUTH!!! I Know there will be hatred on this Form My Fellow Guardians but it's up to you To Embrace... or not, But Please pass This Form to other Guardians so we can Bring Justice to what they have done! Stand up Guardians! Update 2nd Nov,2014: Now Tell me Guardians Isn't this an ironic Truth to What They Tried... well have Done to You Over and Over Again, I'm Glad This Man Is Standing Up for the Truth that Everyone knows and Encourages Us to Stand Up and Fight for It!!! The Deepest Known Truth of Destiny : Here are Some other links to our Fellow Guardians who are Standing Tall to Bring Justice to the Gaming Industries. Thank You for your time.

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