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10/29/2014 3:35:02 PM

Poll/petition to add PVP~Crucible game options





I would like to see all the regular crucible games with these 9 options for the player to pick.You get matched with players that select the same set of options of course. #1~All players have the same model of weapons.All weapons will be exactly the same, the auto you pick is same auto they pick. The hand cannon you pick will be the same they pick etc etc. You go through the weapons, pick what you want. Press a or x when finished & it goes onto the match. This should shutup all the weapon nurfaholics. #2~No autos, for the ones scared to face autos. #3~No supers, for the super nurfaholics #4~Armor & weapon perks disabled #5~ Melee attack disabled #6~Grenades disabled #7~Heavy ammo only comes once the entire match #8~Special ammo respawn time greatly reduced #9~Radar disabled Maybe add a few more but I tihnk that about sums it up. This would put a end to everyone(majority at least) complaining about this & that in pvp & will match them with players that agree with them. When you select the crucible logo & the games show up, "Crucible game options" would show somewhere on the page to select. It automatically saves whatever you select & do not select. When you want to change your selected options, you just go back to it to edit. Please feel free to comment after voting, a simple bump would be greatly appreciated. I know some might not like this but again I ask, why would you rather have less options? This would not change anything, this is all optional when going to cruicble games.You would still be able to play them how they are now too if you choose to do so. Please vote & keep this thread alive.

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