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10/28/2014 9:06:40 PM

Development roadmap transparency request

Dear Bungie, I would like to make a humble suggestion if I may? Can you give us at least an idea if some of the suggestions for 'improvements' are on the developers roadmap? Not asking for timelines, etc. obviously, but are they even in the Dev hands for work? For example please see below: Thank you, Guiwhiz 1.) Matchmaking for VoG, etc. - This is something many of us 'older' gamers would really appreciate as we don't necessarily have the time to seek out players, thus missing out on some of the greatest content of the game. 2.) More expansive voice chat functionality - Again not looking for dates or specific details, but is it even on the roadmap? 3.) Longer timelines for some of the 'temporary' things like Queen's bounties, Iron Banner, etc. - Next time around can you expand the timeline a bit? Frustrating to miss out on something because you have a vacation, or just a busy week at work and home. 4.) Matchmaking in Crucible based upon number of kills/deaths/playing time vs. strictly measured by 'level' of character. I think you may have assumed that 'high level players' would have played a significant amount of both PvP and PvE while obtaining said 'high level'. This isn't accurate and unfortunately I think you get people who shy away from Crucible matches because it is all too common for teams to be badly unbalanced in skill due to the current matchmaking algorithm that seems to only take 'character level' into account. 5.) Barter/trading system between players and between players and NPC - Basically feels frustrating to have hundreds (literally) of a particular building/crafting material and have absolutely no way to trade that in (even at a ruinous rate of exchange) for another especially the 'ascendant materials'. Why would I not be able to sell my 17th copy of a 'rare' weapon to the gunsmith for either glimmer or 'store credit'? Why wouldn't I be able to trade/give another player a weapon I have all too many spares of?

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