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10/24/2014 4:50:25 PM

Friday: Best Day of The Week... Except on

I love Fridays!


Dude I love Fridays so much I can't even


My heart is 3 sizes too small


I don't know about you, but I freaking love Fridays! I work Monday through Friday, I go to school Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and hit the weights every evening. Friday is the harbinger of precious downtime... meaning I catch up on awesome shows, watch a movie, and play a ton of video games. It's also a day I know I can get either a cool piece of gear from Xur to use, or get something to break down and get myself some upgrades. And finally (and this may be unpopular to say) but once 4pm Eastern hits... I'm constantly hitting to see the Weekly Update that I've loved to read since Halo 2. I hope we get a new Guardian version of Mister Chief! So I love my Fridays. However, it seems for many here on, Friday is the absolute pinnacle of misery. It starts with the wailing at the booty crack of dawn when people see their favorite Exotic gun on sale from Xur, or see a repeat piece of armor, or any myriad of complaints regarding that lonely hooded vendor. Then, after the Weekly Update, the second bout of weeping and gnashing of teeth begins as people see that Deej didn't quote their specific posts or demands in his update. Anything he says, I've noticed, is never good enough... and people bypass all kinds of good information in their haste to rage. I actually wonder if they are doing jumping jacks, getting warmed up for rage, powering up their Super Saiyan fury and have it peaked before they even read the update! Anyways, I'm curious... does anyone else still love Fridays with Bungie and Destiny as proxy? Cuz I'm stoked today!

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