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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Legend - An Idea for The Stranger



This is lame, drop out of school


Hello Everyone (and Bungie), I am a Cinema student in college and in class this semester we are conducting a "game" in which we form groups and act as companies to develop products for the Cinema industry. The goal is to get investments from other groups (basically selling of shares of your product in the process) so that the product can go into development. Alongside this, each member of the group can write a script idea, or multiple script ideas. These can be features, TV shows, etc. You can make completely original content, which most of us have done, or make some sort of spin-off in an existing property (these ideas are for class purposes only, we aren't filming these and screening them). For example, one student has an idea called "Damage Control". This is a TV show that takes place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is filmed in an Office/Parks and Rec style where people go around cleaning up the destruction from 'super hero battles'. The heroes everyone knows will of course have cameos within this show. I have an idea for a show that I might flesh out a little more. This would be a feature film and placed within the Destiny universe. After doing some research, I learned that Exos were made by humans in the Golden Age but we eventually shut-down. Once the Collapse occurred, the humans reactivated the Exos to either become citizens themselves, or bathe in the Traveler's light and become guardians. The plot begins with two Exos freshly awoken (one male, one female). These two Exos are awoken in a city (maybe a town) on Venus. This is when the Collapse is first beginning. Venus is inhabited at this point, so this would be a great opportunity to show what life would be like because in the game we see everything after it's been destroyed. As stated in the lore, the Exos have no clue what their original purposes were. These two Exos are brought back with roles as citizens and act as brother and sister to one another. They live their day to day lives wanting more, to find out really what kind of purpose they have (this roots the theme of robots with feelings). One day, the Collapse reaches their city. Within the chaos, the Exos lose each other. The story focuses on the male Exo from this point on who is taken in by Guardians who arrive just a little too late to save the city. The female Exo's whereabouts become unknown. This is the end of the first act. In the second act, the male Exo travels with the Guardians (a group of mixed races - with this dynamic we can explore early relationships between Exos and humans, showing how they may have moved from creator and creation, to equal allies). Eventually the male Exo meets the Traveler and he bathes in the Light, becoming a guardian himself (ideally this guy is a Hunter). As a new warrior of the Light, the Exo has found some kind of purpose, but this isn't enough. The Exo longs to find his sister-counterpart. He returns to Venus to find her and starts by hunting down different Houses of the Fallen (he will have a group with him, within this group is the human guardian who guided him since the fall of his city). The Exo soon learns that he's gotten himself into quite the pickle and there just a shit ton of Fallen and they are like level 26 and he's like 22 (not really, but you get the point). Just when all seems lost, another force flanks the enemy Fallen and drives them away. These aren't guardians, they were not forged in Light. We come to find that no army came to their assistance, but instead a band of nomadic warriors who've fought the Darkness all over the galaxy are their knights in shinning armor. Among these warriors are, you guessed it, the female Exo. Now she is a total badass (a Hunter swell). We have a scene where the two unite and there's an emotional element to it and all that fun stuff. The male Exo tries to convince his sister to come back with him to the traveler and become a guardian of the light, saying that it has given him the purpose that they've been looking for. She replies, "Not every Destiny is so easy to see. Not every Legend is birthed from the Light." She goes on to explain that she has seen some things (sound familiar?) and experienced true Darkness; however, she has no idea the extent to which this is. The female Exo encourages her brother (and his group) to come with her and her warriors out to the Reef to chase down the root of the darkness. The male Exo agrees and we start Act III. In the Reef there's some -blam!-ed up shit. There's some awoken (somewhere). But the biggest thing of all is that there is the Vex. This is the first time any of these characters see this race. They have no idea where they come from or really how to fight them. In this end there's a vicious battle and the Male Exo ends up sacrificing himself so the others can get away blah blah blah. The movie will end focusing on the female Exo and she'll deliver a sweet monologue and that's about all I got. In case you did catch it, the Female Exo is the Stranger we meet in Destiny. I literally came up with this idea just last night so nothing's fleshed out. Lemme know what you guys think. Would this be something interesting to explore? By the way, this film would be titled "Legend"

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