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10/22/2014 5:26:07 PM

Wanna Know How To Make Em To Have Their Sexy Feet To Stink Alot, If They Agree?

Once they're or feel ok with your fetish taboo problem (which is feet fetish and sniffing the feet of the girl that you're in love with, to be stinky or stinky alot; you can try either way to: - convince her to wear the same socks AND shoes or boots, by summer (sweat) or - convince her to wear the same shoes with naked feet, in those shoes or boots, by summer (sweat) (Note that it's all about their so sexy feet concealment for a long period of time.. a simple mere 1 to 4 or 5 days of hot temperature (weather outside) pratically won't do it.. cuz or else: it's only gonna be sweat that won't smell anything at all) OHHHHH!!!!!! plus: tell her and re-assure her that the only sweat you wouln't be aroused by, for that girl that you're in love with: tell her at least that you're sooo not into armpits.. (aroused by).. (very important) , cuz REMEMBER: you gotta be cute.. not a freak :/ :s then; also; you have to TRY to convince her to ALWAYS wash everything during showers or baths EXCEPT their sooo sexy feet (in the process of that minimum one week) or else; it won't work at all same thing for their socks, shoes, and/or boots they're using, if they (she) agreed and if you managed to do this all, and that you're like me on that: engage with her then propose!!!!!! MARRY HER!!!!!! whatever is at stake, and wte the bad things in that relationship!!!!!!! cuz she's the perfect woman for you!!!!! ;) trust me ;) those are extremely rare pearls!!!!!! ;) ohhh and if you manage and succeed: you'll get periods of over 12 hours of incredible $ex per each day ;) as this will either way arouse you bk in no time after (umming inside of her, or your di(k may also never even "go to sleep" at each times that you (um ;) you'll be like in "GOD MODE" xD lol remember: beside of all of this: hugiene is very important in life, though ;) last words: happy never ending incredible sex with the girl that you're sooo in love with, men ;) P.S.: anal sex all along plus for them (her) to squirt from anal sex all along of all of this is facultative, and she may want to try someday, anyways.. so REMEMBER: worship your princess, and be VERY VERY patient with her and her decisions (or taking a decision) ;)

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