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10/20/2014 2:58:36 PM

Rejoining the match

I just got kicked out of another crucible match with my team's score being like 9600 with ~7000 other's (or as well could be kicked out of any strike on the last boss, at the end). This time it happened because of some unknown issues, another times this happens because destiny needs some freaky internet connection and mine is too bad (every other damned thing works pretty ok though). And it always enrages me because if a simple fact: I put efforts - I get nothing. Okay, in that match, like 20sec after I got kicked, my team won and the guy on the last position, who’s done nothing, randomly got suros and ice breaker, that’s the game concept and i have to live with that. But I got nothing. I could be on the first place, I could get reputation, marks, I could improve my awful crucible stats, but I got kicked 20sec before the win and got nothing. What I want to say is that Bungie need to do something with that. Like, give people 40-60sec to get back to their game, or give them half the reward, or whatever.

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