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10/19/2014 6:09:21 PM

Why not add Dodge Rolls?

One big issue that I see in the PvE is a bulk of it is just hiding behind cover while explosives are launched at you. The game stresses maneuverability and verticality to evade enemy attacks. This, however, doesn't work out because a) the environment is not very supportive of constant movement and verticality due to odds and ends everywhere to bump into and a lack of high-ground cover, and b) it forces players to have high agility ratings since the toughness doesn't add much to a player defence and they are still forced to run around bullets as they don't have the option to be a tank. I propose a dodge roll mechanic that is equal to all classes. Maybe the rolls would look aesthetically different between classes but the rolls would send every player the same distance regardless of their class or agility rating. Evades could be done repeatedly on the ground and once in the air (the air ones being more of a quick boost in a single direction COD Advanced Warfare style). This would help in more effectively being able to evade enemies while not having to rely on one's agility. As button layouts go I would suggest double tapping the right thumb stick but I'm open to suggestions. So what do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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