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10/17/2014 5:42:40 AM


Fix your damn reward system in the raid All I need is helmet or chest (preferably helmet) for my Titan I have gotten legs 5x, time breaker 3x, atheon assault rifle 3x and chatter white 7x I am sick of it not getting the -blam!-ing helmet or chest or vex mythocast gun on either normal or hard Out of so many time I've done it I keep also getting ascendant shards to much and energy, I've got plenty! Start fixing it, it's frustrating especially my mates rubbing it in my face! You lied about legendary engrams being legendary because as you have notice it has possible being rare again, sneaky move bungie, and I haven't got a single legendary drop or engram or from cryptarch anymore for about 2-3 weeks since you patched it to be shit now!!! I'm so bored of this game repeating and waiting everyweek to do the raid again just to get what I need and I don't get it! Make it that you can't get rewarded what you have already!

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