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10/16/2014 10:55:43 PM

Raid veteran looking for mature clan! (Xbox 360)

I'm pretty tired of having to do matchmaking here on to do the raid and nightfalls every week, so here goes a shot for joining an endgame centered clan. My main character is a level 28 (106 light) Voidwalker Warlock, with Sunsinger being worked on as I speak. I also have a level 23 Gunslinger Hunter, and a level 3 Defender Titan on it's way too. You can usually find me running my bounties everyday in PvE and PvP. I tend to enjoy PvE more than PvP, but that's slowly starting to change. With that being said here's a little more about me: I'm pretty mature for my age, 16: turning 17 in February. I go to school so I'm only available after about 5 o'clock on weekdays. Usually free on weekends. Have experience with raids in games like TERA and FF14: ARR. I've cleared the raid 4 times now, from start to finish, in under an hour every time, I have a microphone. And I'm generally pretty silent unless I need to respond to something. Also, if you're wondering, I grew up with Halo; not CoD. :3

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