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10/11/2014 9:32:34 PM

The Iron Banner Complex

I understand the idea of making the game accessible to everyone, which Destiny pulls off in numerous ways and does it rather well. But in trying to cater to literally everyone I think they've neglected some niches of people all-together. I have a theory the main reason a lot of people are upset about the Iron Banner, is because it doesn't make you feel like you've accomplished much. Yes, people do play games casually, but people also play them to get good enough to play in a tournament setting. (If you have Destiny tournaments in the future count me in!) But Destiny offers no such thing to work towards, in a lot of other games that involve a competition between players there is a ranked, and casual game modes. Obviously, if you're a casual gamer, you won't jump right into a ranked game with people that have more game time/gear/and levels, you'll have incentive to go and get gear yourself if you actually want to accomplish it. Take WoW for example, the arena was no place for the under geared. Also the rep system in Destiny reminds me very much of the ol' mmo. But gear in that game felt important, don't get me wrong it takes time to earn it in Destiny as well, but it get's downplayed seriously when it doesn't matter at all once you get into, what is supposed to be, a game mode for higher level players in which your gear matters. Now mind you, I'm already rank 2 and quarter way to rank 3 in Iron Banner, but I think the overall experience is well, no different than a regular match and the rewards for ranking up in the iron banner are lacking in overall creativity. But the fun element is there, don't get me wrong! I just don't feel like I'll get much long term enjoyment from this game. Anyone else getting the same feeling here?

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